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Thank you for wanting to help families to have fun, try new things and see each other smile by going on holiday. If you apply for a holiday for a family you're supporting, your role doesn’t stop there. Here's what you need to know before you get started!

Registering with us

You’ll need to work for an organisation focussed on supporting families on an ongoing basis. This is so that you’re able to help families get ready to go on holiday, make the most of their experience when they are away, and settle back into day-to-day life when they come home. This usually means you work in one of the following settings:


  • Registered charities that provide services related to families
  • Government provided children's and family services departments such as social services and community health teams
  • Health visitors from NHS services
  • Ofsted registered children’s centres, schools and nurseries
  • Registered refuges and domestic abuse agencies
  • Registered housing associations


We may ask you to provide additional information about your organisation so that we can asses if it is suitable. This may include things like providing your charities registration number with the charity commission or other evidence to support your application. 


Please be aware that:

  • You can not use your personal contact details when registering with us.
  • All referrers must use the contact details associated with the organisation that they represent when supporting the families that they wish to put forward.
  • We will not accept any applications from email addresses that end with personal account providers such as; @gmail, @hotmail or other similar personal accounts. 
  • You must use your work email address when registering.
  • The email address that you use must be specific to yourself and can not be a shared email account such as info@.
  • The same rules will also apply for your line managers contact details that must be provided when you register.
  • Applications will be rejected if your are unable to provide correct and appropriate contact details.


What happens next?

Once you have submitted your request to become a referrer we will asses the request. This is a manual process and requests are processed periodically. If successful you will receive an email with your log on details. On occasions we may contact line managers directly for further authentication of your request. If your application has been declined then we will email you to let you know. There are certain times of the year where we close applications for new referrers, this could be due to website development, changes in process or planned office closure periods. We will keep this section of the website up to date with what the current situation is.

Thank you for taking the time to apply to become a referrer, we will be in touch soon. 

You can read more about the process of becoming a referrer on our advice for referrers page:

Advice for Referrers | Family Holiday Charity


Note: The referrers area of the website is only compatible with Google Chrome, please only use this type of browser when accessing the referrers area. If you try to access the referrers area via Internet Explorer or any other browser type then if may not work correctly for you. 

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